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      One of the largest musical instrument factory in China.
      Using the years of musical instrument manufacturing experience and a variety of high-end technology, the company produces top quality Dunhuang instruments - 'Yun' Brand products.
      YKM is an erhu maker from Suzhou.
      Displaying his erhus at a music fair for the first time, his erhus received numerous accolades. Since then, he has took part in various national wide erhu making competition and received gold awards on all occasions.
      MMK is a famous Erhu maker from Suzhou.
      He focuses on cultivating young talent in the traditional mode of production on the reform and development of Erhus.
      DXH is a famous Dizi maker from China, Beijing.
      He has 24 years of Dizi making experience. Under the tutelage of renowned dizi makers like Zhou Lin Sheng, Zou Xu Sheng and Tu Shi Fan, DXH has excelled in terms of dizi making and is heralded as one of
      XB is a Dizi maker from China.
      The quality of his Dizis has improved tremendously over the years. XB's flutes are easy to play, has excellent tone and has excellent intonation.
      Born November 1959 in Singapore, Mr. Ng Teck Seng was principal player of the suona and dizi section in the Singapore Chinese Orchestra from 1982 to 1995. During his tenure, he completed the study of orchestra conductorship at the Shanghai Conservatory of